Design Files
Halloween 2003
Updated 10-05-2003
Browse through the pictures. If you see something you like, just click on it to download that file.
These are .sew files for the Janome Line of Embroidery Machines in zip format.
Some of the zips may contain more than one design.
Some designs may be made in multiple files... , etc..
Simply sew them in order to complete the design.
    Angel Costume Ballarina CostumeBat 100Bat 101Bat Costume 10Birdboy 01Bunny 10Bunny Costume 11Butterfly CostumeCandy LoveCat 10Clown Costume 10Dog CostumeDuck CostumeElephant Costume 10Fish Costume 10Flower CostumeFrankenstien Costume 01Frankenstien Costume 02Ghost Costume 10Mushroom Costume 10Ogar Face 10Pumpkin Costume 02Skull 01    Spider 147Vampire face 01Witch 155Witch 156Witch Costume 10Witch Costume 11Wizard Face 10Wolfman 125Worn Leaf
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Please feel free to download and stitch any or all of the
designs in any way you choose, on items to keep, give as gifts.
If your have a problem with any file here, E-Mail Me!